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whispers   2009

In the installation "whispers" by Roberto Freitas one sees a landscape through the construction of a device that shows the very mechanism of projection. From one hand, we see an image that evokes an atmosphere of breeze in a constant movement, provoking a state of calm gathered in an intimate reach of light. From the other hand, the construction of this image becomes evident, revealing the mechanism as an ingenious artifact that articulates elements in order to materialize an immaterial aspect - the wind, in our case. The photos and the video presented here are records of this installation. The image formed by the blow of the wind is intrinsically connected to the object that produces it. The light wind falls on the light, provokes a movement on the feather and is projected through the lens. The image, therefore, functions as permanence, whereas these mechanisms exert its activity in silence. Everything composes a unique work based on invention, the science of a structure able to blow an image.

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