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Pink Noise                                                       2009

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THE PROJECT "noise pink" is divided in 2 stages:

1st - In this project it is necessary that the artist makes walks around the place where the installation will be set up. It is during these walks that the sound context of the institution that houses the project is evaluated. Once the sound spectrum of the surroundings is formatted, hundreds of sounds that characterize the region are recorded and edited into 14 voices that will feed the 14 sound systems that form the installation.

2nd - The captured sounds go to mp3 players, stripped of their design elements (casing). The mp3 players are the sound source of the installation and emit the sounds that go through the amplifiers to the 14 speakers. The structure creates a design in space, thought to interact with the architecture (they can climb a ladder, go from one room to another or simply as in the photo of the assembly that accompanies the project). The sounds coming out of the speakers recall, by familiarity, the noises of the surroundings of the exhibition space, breaking the barriers of inside and outside. By appropriating the external noises, the installation proposes a bridge between the city and the exhibition room.

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