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Máquina   -  2008                                      


 3 TVs disassembled 3000 meters of electrical wire                                        



The television set has basically three parts, one that functions as a receiver of electromagnetic waves and transforms them into electrical pulses, another that transforms part of these waves into mechanical sound waves, and a third part that is a cathode ray tube that transforms electricity into the lights and shadows that form the images. This work is about this space between what receives and what materializes the image, this proto-image space. Drawings on the floor, with coated and energized wires, drawings of black and white lines that undulate on the floor creating a magnetic interference with each other destroying the image, transforming what would be the image in the tube into confused light. When the proto-image space becomes image (in the form of drawing) the image space by exelence (image tube) dissipates into sculptural form. 

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